Thursday, August 21, 2008


Inula verbascifolia
(IN-yoo-luh) (ver-bask-ee-FO-lee-uh)
Synonym: Inula candida ssp. verbascifolia

This little plant was growing at Wave Hill the last time I went (the process of going through old image files continues). The contrast between the silvery foliage and bright yellow flowers was attractive. Reminded me of a miniature sunflower.

There wasn’t a whole of information on this particular species of Inula. The genus is made up of 90 species and it is quite variable. The species range from diminutive types to giant plants. Inula verbascifolia is native to the Italy and the Southern Balkans, other Inula are native to Europe, Africa and some Asian regions.

This is my Skywatch Friday photo for this week. Just a shot after we parked to walk the couple of blocks to the restaurant the other night.

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Anonymous said...

beautiful flower and wonderful sun set

Anonymous said...

The sun rays peeking out from the clouds is one superb capture ;)

Indrani said...

Nice shot of the flower, with a good B&W effect.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Love that last photo of the sunset and the rays

magiceye said...

so pretty..

Want to see how the Mumbai sky looked this morning at 0644hrs? Click here

Anonymous said...

Very interesting flower! Is it related to the asters?

Kelly said...

Beautiful flower and sunset! Great shots!

Mary said...

OMG, that is one gorgeous sky! Love the rays bursting through the tops of the clouds!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Lovely photos! Both are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, both of them:) Have a nice weekend.

Arija said...

Love the variety of colour in the sky as well as those illuminating sunrays. Very beautiful.

Louise said...

Excellent SWF post! Beautiful color, clouds and rays!

Namnet said...

What a splendid photograph of the sky! I love the way the sun rays are captured there. Thank you for sharing and happy skywatching:-)

Catherine said...

Beautiful flower capture! And gorgeous sky watch capture!~ Beautiful sunbeams, color, clouds,& sky!
Enjoy your week!

Kelly/Annie's Annuals said...


I am writing from Annie's Annuals and Perennials, a plant nursery in Richmond, California. We are growing Inula verbascifolia and were wondering if you would allow us to use your photo on our descriptive sign? We would provide photo credits and link back to your blog of course.

I'm sorry to have to ask this in the comments but I couldn't find your email listed on the blog anywhere!

Thank you,
Kelly Kilpatrick
Annie's Annuals and Perennial